Four Versions of the Christus by the Massys: Deciphering the Meaning of the Letters


The Flemish painters Quentin Massys and his son Jan Massys appear to be the authors of
four works with a very similar motif, the bust of Jesus Christ. These canvasses can be found in different locations today: the Prado Museum in Madrid (Spain), the RKD Netherlands Institute for Art History of The Hague (Netherlands), the Kunstmuseum Winterthur (Switzerland), and another one in a private collection. Written on the edge of the robe around the neck, these canvasses display a series of Hebrew or pseudo-Hebrew letters. We offer the complete solution deciphered, until today incomplete, for three of them, with a very similar letter sequence. Finally, we resolve completely one of the canvasses, which, until today, had no known solution.

Publication type: 
Other Indexed Magazine (RIND)
Published in: 
Religions, MDPI (Switzerland). Vol 8, 19; p.p.: 1-16
ISSN: 2077-1444 
Publication date: 
July 2017
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