Accesit para el gupo de Biometria en los premios a la mejor patente Madi+d

Monday, 15 April 2013

The accesit to the best patent award on the 9th edition of the Madri+d awards has been granted to the Biometrics, Biosignals & Security research group of CeDInt.

The jury granted an accesit to the patent "Devide and method for stress detction through fisiological signals" whos main inventor is PhD. Alberto de Santos Sierra Researcher of CeDInt of the Technical University of Madrid titular institution of the patent. 

This invention proposes a method and a device for non invasive stress detection good for integration on any access system with biometric identification. Allows to detect stress through only two signals (GSR y Heart rate) in such way that only with a simple signal capture is possible to create a stress pattern reflecting tha behaviour of an individual under strange or stress conditions. This pattern allows to measure the percentage of stress in the invividual differing in this way of previous systems that could only detect a stress/no-stress situation.

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