Funding Entity: 

Project funded in 2010 in the AVANZA framework program of the Spanish Ministery of Industry, Trade and Turism with project number TSI-020100-2010-12

Start Date: 
Wednesday, 24 November 2010
Initiative for odor diagnostics of Cancer

Cancer diagnostics from olfative and odor techniques.

The aim of  IDOC Project 'Olfactory Initiative Cancer Diagnosis' is the determination of the smell of cancer , in order to develop effective methods of diagnosis. For this task, we have relied on the odour analysis technology developed by Ilia Sistemas in recent years. The first objective was to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed technique by detection  of an already known marker (Sarcosine) in the breath of advanced cancer patients. The second goal was the detection in the breath of cancer patients of other known markers which had only been detected in the blood. This second phase allowed to tune the analytical method. Finally, the third  aim was the discovery of new markers. In order to identify them, we analyzed a group of cancer patients and healthy subjects, in order to establish correlations between the different molecules detected in his breath, and disease. In this task, our group (GB2S) had a main role in the detailed analysis of data collected for each patient, using data mining techniques.