El grupo de Biometria del CeDInt presente en la V edicion del foro de Inversion Actua UPM

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Group of Biometrics, Biosignals and Security (GB2S) of the Research Centre for Smart Buildings and Energy Efficiency (CeDInt) has participated in the V Investment Forum Actúa UPM for new Technological Companies, presenting the technology: “In-air Signature”.

This technology is a biometric system able to verify the identity of users when they perform a gesture in the air holding the mobile device with the hand. This technique may be included as a security system in different applications such as the mobile payments, restricted applications, access control, smart buildings or downloads of premium contents.

Additionally, the GB2S exposed in the investment Forum two FP7 projects they are currently working on:


The PCAS Project (Personalised Centralized Authentication System) in which the main objective is the development of a sleeve adapted to mobile phones with biometric sensors and high storage and processing capacity in order to build a secure operational environment to store, with a high security level, all the personal data, especially medical data.




Furthermore, the DAPHNE Project (Data-as-a-Service Platform for Healthy lifestyle and preventive medicine), where the GB2S participates in the creation of a health data platform to avoid obesity. Specifically, the GB2S is responsible of monitoring users to detect their stress level and the physical activities they are carrying out. 

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