Economics of Big Data. Chapter 25.


As the single most important general purpose technology of recent times, the Internet is transforming the organization, competitive structure and business models of the private, the public and non-profit sectors. In 27 original chapters, leading authors discuss theoretical and applied frameworks for the study of the economics of the Internet and its unique economics as a global information and communications infrastructure. They also examine the effects of the Internet on economic transactions (including social production, advertising, innovation, and intellectual property rights), the economics and management of Internet-based industries (including search, news, entertainment, culture, and virtual worlds), and the effects of the Internet on the economy at large.

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Handbook on the Economics of the Internet, pp. 510-528
ISBN: 978 0 85793 984 5 9781107073586
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May 2016
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José-Luis Gómez-Barroso, Shivom Aggarwal,