Preface: A MOBILE REVOLUTION INSIDE A DIGITAL REVOLUTIONThe Mobile Revolution: The Latest ICT Innovation Engine


In less than a decade, mobile technology has revolutionized our cultures, societies, and economies by impacting both personal and professional aspects of human life. Mobile technology has therefore become the fastest diffusing technology in history, expanding and transforming existent possibilities by making technology accessible and ubiquitous. Emerging Perspectives on the Mobile Content Evolution seeks a better understanding of the centrality of mobile content in the recent and coming evolution of both the ICT ecosystem and the media industry. This publication appeals to a broad audience within the interdisciplinary field of media studies, covering topic areas such as journalism, marketing and advertising, broadcasting, information management, media management, media economics, media- and technology-related public policies, media sociology, audience/consumption studies, and arts. This publication presents a multi-disciplinary discussion through a collection of academic chapters covering topics such as mobile communications and entrepreneurship, reflection on wearables and innovation, personal and mobile healthcare, mobile journalism and innovation, and behavioral targeting in the mobile ecosystem.

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Emerging Perspectives on the Mobile Content Evolution, pp: 16-25
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8838-4 ISBN13: 9781466688384 ISBN10: 1466688386 EISBN13: 9781466688391
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September 2015
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Juan Miguel Aguado, Inmaculada J Martinez,