Claudio Feijoo invitado como discussant en el congreso EuroCPR 2013

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Deputy Director of CeDInt Claudio Feijoo has been invited by EuroCPR 2013 as discussant in the session "Radio spectrum and broadband European Union policies: towards a European broadband strategy"next firiday March 22nd

EuroCPR is organised annually with the ambition to contribute constructively and critically to European Information Society Policy developments. The conference addresses the use of ICT throughout society and economy as well as the evolution of the ICT and media sectors. EuroCPR uniquely brings together academia, policy makers, and industry representatives in order to facilitate systematic interaction and critical analysis of both the highest academic excellence and the maximum policy and industrial relevance. The format of the conference has deliberately been kept small - with a maximum of 80 participants - favouring quality over quantity and encouraging a high level of interaction.

EuroCPR invites abstracts for theoretically and empirically grounded papers that reflect critically on the Digital Agenda as such and on factors contributing to progress towards the Digital Agenda goals so far which draw on the results of research to inform ongoing policy debates on issues relevant to the Digital Agenda.

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