Born digital, grown digital. The videogame world is a hyperactive phenomenon


Market response to mobile television usage is quite modest in most European countries. No single reason explains this situation. On the contrary, a set of complex and interrelated causes can be found. On the supply side, the potential hurdles are in the technical (infrastructures, standards), economic (revenue models, content availability) and normative domains. On the demand side, companies must understand the (real) utility derived by consumers and the circumstances in which they intend to use the service. The conditions for mobile television success are, therefore, the research question of this paper. It is concluded that removal of these barriers, focus on the user (rather than on the product), and stronger institutional commitment are key factors for mobile television development.

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Not Indexed Magazine
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Intermedia Vol. 38, N. 5, p.p. 18-23
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December 2010
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G. De Prato