The mobile communications role in next generation networks: The case of Spain


Next generation access networks (NGAN) will support a renewed electronic communication market where main opportunities lie in the provision of ubiquitous broadband connectivity, applications and content. From their deployment it is - much - expected a wealth of innovations. Within this framework this paper reviews the technical architecture of a mobile network as a candidate for a NGAN deployment, derives a simple method for approcimate cost calculations, and then discusses the results obtained. Data for Spain are used for practical calculations, but the model is applicable with minor modivications to most ot the EU countries. The final part of the paper is devoted to reflect on the technical and economic feasibility of mobile communications as part of NGAN, as well as the adequacy and possible development of the current regulatory framework.

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22nd European Regional ITS Conference Budapest, Hungría. Econstor 22nd European Regional ITS Conference
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September 2011
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JL. Gómez Barroso, R. Coomonte