CeDInt ganador del primer premio en el IoT Interoperability Hackatown de Barcelona.

Friday, 19 October 2018

CeDInt won the first prize at the IoT Interoperability Hackatown held on 17 and 18 October at the Fira de Barcelona. This HackaTown launched different challenges from the SymbIoTe and BIG IoT projects.

Our researchers Silvia Calatrava, Clara Jiménez and Guillermo Cañada, designed a web application capable of creating a graphical representation of pollution data in intelligent cities.

This application is capable of creating alerts in real time in case of detecting high levels of pollution and allowing to solve the following cases:

  1. Cities (government): help in the analysis procedures of the air quality information.
  2. Citizens: help to avoid high-pollution areas.
  3. Taxis/VTC: on-demand service to reduce pollution.

CeDInt has been working since last May on the SymbIoTe project and has decided to participate in this initiative with some of its researchers.

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