El Laboratorio IoT de la ciudad de Madrid (IoTMADLab) se pone en marcha con dos sesiones de trabajo.

Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Internal session on 5G projects in the different areas of government of the Madrid City Council

During the last few months, the 5G portal has been launched, a space to disseminate the capabilities and strengths of Madrid in the 5G ecosystem, and the first meeting with the 5G Forum has been held to maintain a permanent dialogue with operators and developers to promote the development and exploitation of the opportunities provided by this technology.

In this session, Accenture has presented to the municipal areas different 5G use cases that are being executed in the national and international context and examples of how it could be applied to municipal services.

Open session with municipal areas and companies on the work plan of the Internet of Things Lab of the city of Madrid.

The Internet of Things Laboratory of the city of Madrid (IoTMADLab) is a joint initiative between the Madrid City Council and CEDINT of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and funded by the Foro de Empresas por Madrid. The laboratory is a neutral space in which to work with the technical managers of the services, with awarded companies and with their suppliers of technological devices, with the aim of working in a laboratory environment and to advance in the deployment in real controlled environments once validated.

The objective is to establish an open, neutral and interoperable IoT network model that guarantees the connectivity of the different devices in the different areas of municipal activity through a common, standardized protocol that applies to all services:

  • Open, to reduce possible economic barriers to companies or entrepreneurs who might be interested in developing devices.
  • Neutral, to guarantee access to libraries, information and knowledge for companies and entrepreneurs.
  • Interoperable, to facilitate communication, connection, between different devices, sensors, and that these operate with each other regardless of the manufacturers and services in which they are installed, achieving connectivity and direct coordination between them.

In the session, the work plan and the work team have been presented, and the laboratory facilities in the CEDINT-UPM building of the Montegancedo Campus have been visited.

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