Visualization tools and Visual Analytics for Big Data analysis on people movement.



The Data Era I

What we ask to our data:

  • explain and classify events;
  • interpret facts;
  • detect patterns;
  • solve problems;
  • find / propose solutions;
  • take decisions;
  • look at the past, explain the present, predict the future


The Data Era II

What we are looking for:

  • summarise information / simplify the complex;
  • obtain insights from massive, dynamic, ambiguous, and often conflicting data;
  • detect the expected and discover the unexpected;
  • provide timely, evidence-based, and understandable analysis;
  • communicate actionable assessments effectively

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Special Participation
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Speaker in the International Summer School on “Smart Grids and Smart Cities”. European cooperation Network on Energy Transition in Electricity. Universidad de Barcelona, España.
Energy Efficiency - Internet of things
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June 2017