CeDInt en la segunda Convocatoria Abierta (OC2) de clausura del Proyecto SymbIoTe.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Last 15th of November, the Deputy Director of CeDInt Asunción Santamaría, Silvia Calatrava and Clara Jiménez, CeDInt-UPM researchers, participated in the second Open Call (OC2) closing meeting of the SymbIoTe Project (symbiosis of intelligent objects in IoT environments) that took place in ATOS offices in Madrid.

Clara Jiménez gave a presentation, followed by a short demo, of what we have done within our project in SymbIoTe. After the presentations, feedback on the business aspects was brought by all participants.

SymbIoTe project offers to IoT platform providers the opportunity to extend their platforms to become symbIoTe-enabled, join the Open Source community and enjoy the benefits of an interoperable and collaborative IoT ecosystem. In our case, our platform formed by the Smart Building Pilot at UPM Montegancedo Campus has been integrated into SymbIoTe ecosystem.

This project has helped us to evaluate the performance of our own platform in terms of response time, synchronization or data accuracy.

It has also allowed us to access new domains and partners which opens us the paths of the creation and testing of energy efficiency applications along Europe, the identification of new necessities and features in sensors and devices and the possibilities in technology transfer.

The cooperation between platforms was one of the main goals of the whole system. In our case, the federation between a platform that belongs to Sensing & Control and our Smart Building Pilot has generated positive synergies which have to be analyzed to be able to develop innovative applications.

This has been a very enriching project for CeDInt-UPM. It has been a pleasure for us to work with SymbIoTe, being able to interoperate among different IoT Platforms.




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