Premios a la innovación y tecnología para la eficiencia energética en la era digital.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

After the success of the enerTIC Awards 2018, which rewarded the most innovative projects and the most committed executives to energy efficiency and sustainability, during the Delivery Gala at the Secretariat of State for the Information Society and Digital Agenda (Madrid), we presented the seventh edition of the reference awards: 'Awards for Innovation and Technology for Efficiency in the Digital Age'.

The main objective of these awards is to identify, reward and disseminate:

  •     Managers who have contributed to implementing the use of the most innovative technological solutions to improve energy efficiency and sustainability in their companies and organizations. Professionals who throughout their careers have promoted good practices in their sector, so that their actions can serve as inspiration and an example for other managers.
  •     Innovative technological projects carried out by companies and organisations committed to energy efficiency and sustainability. Actions and public or private initiatives that have helped to promote the use of ICTs to improve energy efficiency.

All organizations, both public and private, are invited to participate in this VII Call; to do so, those interested should fill out the Participation Form for the Awards. These are the main milestones for the presentation of projects/directives (see below process phases and link to Download Form)

Project Identification/Directives: Before July 15.

Formalization of Projects/Directives initially identified: Before the 2nd of September.

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