El CeDInt participa y colabora en CLIMATHON 2017

Friday, 27 October 2017

Light pollution, environment, and energy consumption and efficiency will capitalize the Madrid contribution to CLIMATHON, a hackaton that will take place between 20:00h of October, 27 and 20:00h of 28 in the premises of the School of computer sciences Engineering of Montegancedo Campus.

This activity is part of the Climate-KIC framework of the European Commission (https://climathon.climate-kic.org/)  and puts Madrid (https://climathon.climate-kic.org/madrid/) on a list of 104 cities of 45 countries participating in the event. The KIC initiative aims to identify and develop initiatives that contribute to mitigate climate change and enhace the health and wellbeing of the citizens.

Each participating city introduces their own challenges to the global activity and the chosen subject in Madrid has been Light pollution and the environmental and energy factors related to this problem; and constitute the foundation of the challenges of the local event. For 24h participants will compeete to provide proposals and solutions to these challenges.

CeDInt contributes with lectures from our researcher PhD Guillermo del Campo product of the experience acquired from the smart lighting project “Livig Lab Iluminación”. This project deployed by CeDInt and based on our own BatNET technology has been installed on all pedestrian pathways of the Montegancedo campus as part of the execution of the plan for an International Excellence Campus.

CeDInt organized activities will be concentrated around the influence of lighting intensity in public pathways in roles as security or comfort of it's users. Different scenarios will be created taking advantage of the extensive control capabilities of the intelligent system such as intensity and location through the wireless control network implemented in the lamp posts.

At the same time precise measurements of light pollution will be taken through a new TESS photometer (http://stars4all.eu/index.php/tess/) used within the Stars4All project and installed in the roof of the CeDInt building  by modifying lighting levels of the lamp post system and analyzing its influence on the overall light pollution.

CeDInt will also contribute with measurements and data obtained from the smart lighting system along the last few years of operation as a testbed for the proposed challenges.

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