CeDInt-UPM ha sido seleccionado como ganador del premio 2020 EMEA Elastic Search Award Honoree en la categoría Cluster Award.

Thursday, 15 October 2020

Our researcher Gonzalo Calderón Lillo and the Energy Efficiency and Internet of Things group has been selected as a 2020 EMEA Elastic Search Award Honoree within the Cluster Award category. It has been achieved thanks to the development of an IoT platform using the tools provided by Elastic Stack.


This project has improved the management of massive IoT networks that have been implemented in three use cases: Buildings, Public lightings and Greenhouses. The IoT platform not only integrates essential functionalities to allow communication between users and their devices, it also integrates Elasticsearch, Beats agents and Kibana to centralize the maintenance of the platform in real-time.


Thanks to Elastic Stack tools: Elasticsearch, Beats and Kibana, the IoT platform stores and manages in real-time the measurements of the peripheral devices as well as the servers and services of the platform in a stable and reliable way. Elasticsearch as a distributed and replicated architecture ensures the availability and consistency of the stored documents. In this way, queries and searches on the stored information are carried out quickly and efficiently. Beats agents collect and send information about metrics (Metricbeat), logs (Filebeat), network traffic (Packetbeat), and platform status (Heartbeat) for each server, system, and service of the platform. Finally, the dashboards to manage devices and monitor and control platform status are provided by Kibana.


We are very happy and grateful to receive this award, thank you very much for Elastic and the community for making this project possible!

Click here to know more about the project.

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