El próximo workshop Tr@nsener se celebrará en Zaragoza.

Monday, 28 May 2018

The next Transener Workshop, organized by the CIRCE Foundation, will take place on June 13 and 14 in the city of Zaragoza. A series of conferences will be held to support the regions in their energy transition.

The event is part of the series of conferences, aimed at strengthening the operation of R&D&I at a transnational level in the specific sectors of the SUDOE area.

Various topics will be covered, structured in six modules, three each day, which will lead to different papers classified as follows:

  •      Intellectual property strategies and asset valuation.
  •      Surveillance and technology portfolio.
  •      Financing models for innovation processes.
  •      Commercialization of technology-exploitation.
  •      Innovative business models: How to achieve this?
  •      Tools developed in Transener.

You can then download the agenda detailing the activities that will take place during the event.

Click here to download the schedule.

More information on the website of the CIRCE Foundation, organizer of the event.

Click here to access their website.


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