Don't miss the briefing 19 Actúapm Competition!

Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Have you ever thought about taking your research to the market, do you know the steps to get started, are you interested in the world of entrepreneurship and the creation of start-ups?

If so, do not miss the session on March 1, from 16 to 17 hours in online format, in which we will also be fortunate to have Isabel Amez, assistant professor and researcher at the ETSI Mines and Energy UPM and co-founder and head of the R&D&I area of Veleco Energy, and Carlos Badenes-Olmedo, Researcher at the Ontological Engineering Group (OEG- UPM) and co-founder of

An interesting session in which they themselves will tell you how they decided to bring their research and technology to the market, the steps they followed and their personal experience. 

In addition, we will take the opportunity to present the 19th actúaupm Competition, whose registration period is open until March 15, 2022, and answer all your questions about it.

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