El CeDInt presenta su proyecto de Eficiencia Energética en los enerTIC Awards 2019

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Our researchers from the Energy Efficiency group have already submitted their SmartBuilding project to the EnerTIC Awards 2019.  The project, as a form of innovation in the monitoring and management of energy in buildings and homes, is based on a home automation system with virtual assistance by voice that provides a way of oral communication with the elements that make up a home. In this way, the automation of tasks is achieved in a system with minimum human-machine interaction: a person communicates using the voice and the virtual assistant processes, interprets and responds in the same way.

This initiative allows the optimization of energy consumption in the home, facilitating decision making and seeking to remove barriers in access to technologies to control it for people with reduced mobility. Using IoT devices and an intelligent voice service, it offers a simple and safe experience for home control.

This project has an impact on the optimisation of energy consumption and energy efficiency thanks to the installation of devices for monitoring (temperature, humidity, luminosity, energy consumption) and control (lighting systems, appliance control, air conditioning) in the home.

The system developed and the interaction with virtual assistants implemented, allow the user to know all the monitored parameters and interact with them in a simple and safe way. Any type of luminaire, household appliance, electronic device, etc. that uses this interface can be controlled by this system, thus allowing control of energy expenditure.

The consumption measures are stored and are accessible for consultation and subsequent management of energy consumption, being able to identify in turn the consumption associated with the different elements of the home to make energy diagnoses and estimate savings measures, facilitating decision-making to act accordingly and in favor of a reduction in energy consumption.


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