Smart Street Lightning System for Eco-Cities Based on 6LoWPAN IoT Networks (Póster)




1.Installation of an efficient streetl ighting system based on LED lamps and 6LoWPAN devices for control and monitoring
2.Creation of mesh network in which every node is attached to a street light. Nodes are able to control the illumination level and collect environment information, sharing it with their neighbours
3.Allow dynamic control of illumination level by measuring luminosity and passers-by motion
4.Use the system as a research framework for the development of more complex functionalities such as recognition of people behaviou rpatterns and security assistance



1.Real implementation of 69 streetlights irregularly distributed across pedestrian paths and parking lot
2.Individual control (on/off and dimming) of each street lightwith the BatStreetLighting (BSL) system
3.Use of an Operating System for embedded devices: ContikiOS
4.Communications work according to IEEE 802.15.4 and 6LoWPAN, allowing easy connection of every node to the Internet through IPv6
5.Use of a 1-10V interface to control the dimming level of the lamp
6.Each device uses a set of up to three motion sensors, depending on the area to cover, and one luminosity sensor which measures the luminosity reflected on the floor
7.A smart algorithm uses environment information (luminosity and passers-by motion) to regulate the dimming level of the lamp

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Workshop on: Scenarios and perspectives for the Energy Efficiency in the SUDOE Region for 2050 & technological Platforms Visit
Energy Efficiency - Internet of things
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November 2018