Evento de apertura "The Humble Lamppost"

Monday, 8 December 2014

On the 3th of December, Guillermo Del Campo from CeDInt-UPM, attended the EIP Quick Win Kick-Start Event in Almere. Holland. 

The Humble Lamppost is a commitment with strong interest and expectation within the European Commission which belongs to the action cluster “Integrated Infrastructures & Processes (including Open Data)”.

The event reunited more than 30 people from City Councils, Industry, Institutions, Research Centers and Universities across Europe.

Every participant contributed with their opinions based on previous experience from other commitments and European projects related with TIC solutions for building energy, outdoor lighting and cities management.

After the introductory presentations, the day was organized in two work sessions. Firstly, four working groups were constituted to discuss the most important elements when predicting success: advantages, demand, offer and disadvantages.  Afterwards, three dynamic teams were created to establish the cornerstones of the commitment: technical solutions, business models an working plan.

For more informatión about the event, click the next link: http://eu-smartcities.eu/

If you want to know about CeDInt commitment, here 

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