¡Llega una nueva edición de la Competición actúaupm!, ¡participa en la 19 actúaupm antes del 15 de marzo!

Thursday, 24 February 2022

Once again, the 19th actúaupm Competition is here! A benchmark entrepreneurship initiative in our country, which IE UPM launches every year, and which has already received more than 6,000 business ideas to date. In addition, during these years a total of 310 companies have been created and have managed to capture more than 140 million euros of investment.

Start-ups such as OBUU, AUARA, Spotlab, Plant Response, Trucksters, Geoblink, Detektia, HomyHub, ienai Space, or Aplanet, are just an example of the variety and multidisciplinary nature of the projects presented, as well as their strength and potential, as they reach a survival rate of 70% after three years.

Beyond awards

But what makes this competition so special? One of the main reasons, and one of the most valued by its participants, goes beyond the 50,000 euros in prizes offered, and focuses on the training and support it provides to entrepreneurs.

With a complete training program, now in on-line format, oriented to the development of the ideas presented and the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills.

To this end, entrepreneurs participate in different training sessions led by renowned professionals in the sector, in which they learn about design thinking, customers, market, valuation, marketing, sales, competition... This is complemented by workshops and special sessions aimed at networking with former entrepreneurs, investors and experts. As well as a direct accompaniment by the IE UPM team thanks to a personalized metoring.

New special award for social entrepreneurship

Each year the number of social impact-oriented projects grows. In order to encourage this growth and promote the launch of start-ups that seek to provide solutions to social, cultural and environmental problems of today, these last two editions have included a new special prize of 5,000 euros for the project with the greatest social impact.

Who can participate?

Open to the entire university community (undergraduate and master's degree students, alumni, researchers, professors, PAS...), during these last two editions the actúaupm Competition is now international. Not only UPM community or entrepreneurs who form a team with them can participate, but also some universities of the EELISA consortium and the Illinois Institute of Technology (see rules and regulations).

More information and registration:

You have until March 15, 2022 to submit your idea(s)!

Registration is done through a simple form that you will find at


More information at www.upm.es/actuaupm and www.actuaupm.blogspot.com

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