Los próximos días 3 y 4 de Abril se celebrará en Madrid el Smart Energy Congress 2019.

Friday, 18 January 2019

Innovation and digitisation have a significant impact on improving energy efficiency and sustainability. Accelerators of business competitiveness, and pillars of the decarbonisation of the economy and energy transition: major challenges for the European Union and areas in which Spain has companies with extensive experience and recognised technological leadership.

The Smart Energy Congress, the annual European congress in which reference consultants, energy companies, leaders of the technology industry, heads of large projects, etc. share their vision and discuss trends, challenges and opportunities to improve energy efficiency in areas such as cities (Smart Buildings, Waste, Mobility,...)....), Industries (Smart Manufacturing, Extended Digital Factory, Agrifood,...), Energy (Smart Grids, Vehicle, Energy Storage...) and Large Technological Infrastructures (Smart Data Centers, Supercomputing, Artificial Intelligence...).

This meeting is a unique opportunity to detect opportunities and establish relationships with stakeholders, co-innovating and sharing experiences. As well as an opportunity to be up to date with the latest trends.

  •     Smart Industry 4.0
  •     Smart Cities
  •     Smart Energy
  •     Smart IT Infrastructure

SmartEnergyCongress is a multidisciplinary event directed:

  •     Directors of Digital Transformation, Innovation, Technology, Operations, Sustainability, Industrials, etc.
  •     Responsible for SmartEnergy and Large Infrastructure Operations.
  •     Advisors and experts in companies specialized in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability.
  •     Organizations interested in solutions to improve their Energy Efficiency, cost savings and increased sustainability.

For more information about the congress, sponsorship and participation modalities: http://congreso2019@enerTIC.org



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