El Proyecto del CeDInt ganador de la cuarta edición de los premios enerTIC en la categoría Smart Industry

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

CeDInt project "Synchronized Consumption measurement for industrial processes" has been voted winner in the fourth edition of the enerTIC awards in the category of Smart Industry.

This is the third CeDInt project awarded by enerTIC. We want to thank the organizers for their continuous efforts around energy efficiency, and to all people that has voted us for their support of our research activity.

The project has made possible the deployment of a good number of BATnet technology devices in real industry production systems. Now consumption measurements of machines and tools are synchronized through sensors that read the very same industrial protocols that initiate and control the automated process. The measure in these conditions is extremely accurate and granular for each and every industrial sub process. The information gathered by the solution allows production managers the more energetically expensive processes and sub processes in order to optimize them, or to move them to cheaper fare timelines. The wireless BATnet technology has allowed the full deployment of the solution with zero production downtime.


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