Guillermo del Campo habla sobre el potencial del Internet de las Cosas en la Eficiencia Energética en el periódico El Mundo.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Guillermo del Campo, head of the Department of IoT and Energy Efficiency at CeDint, contributed to an article on Energy Saving last October 24 in the newspaper El Mundo. Guillermo spoke about the possibilities offered by IoT technology in the field of Energy Efficiency "By giving the possibility of connecting any element to the Internet, the IoT allows to obtain an enormous amount of data of various kinds: from physical parameters, to other own machines and devices.

On the other hand, he emphasized the areas of greatest potential, among which the industry stood out: "A lot of work is being done in Industry 4.0. The industry is responsible for one of the highest energy consumption of any developed country".

When evaluating the current state of the IoT, Del Campo emphasizes how it joins today with other technologies such as Artificial Intelligence "which allows that control that is made over the systems is done automatically, without human intervention.

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