El CeDInt en el nuevo mapa de capacidades tecnológicas de la plataforma Tecnológica Española de la eficiencia energética

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The new map of  PTE-ee (Technology Spanish Platform for Energy Efficiency) gives visibility to innovation in energy efficiency. We reproduce bellow the launch announcement from PTE-ee:

" The Technology Spanish Platform for Energy Efficiency (PTE-ee) has launched a map of Technology capacities aimimg to provide visibility to companies and institutions dedicated to innovate in energy efficiency. At the same time this initiative will ease networking and sinergy generation among them by providing fast geographical localization of the experts of the field in each region.

On top of direct map visualization the new tool allows to search entities by specialization area (industry, building, transport, ICT,...) and the geographical area thy operate. In order to provide a more complete service taking in account the width and depth of the variety of services posple in the energy efficiency inovation sector, the search engine handles more than 25 non exclusive categories in which the indexed entities can precisely describe their activity framework. 

Entities shown in the map are companies, universities, technology centers or business association members of  PTE-ee"

To see the map click HERE

To see CeDInt capacities click HERE

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