Open IoT Smart Campus. IoT Success Stories SERIES #3 /Internet of Things Success Stories #3


The successful implementation of a Smart City solution is achieved thanks not only to a careful planning and design, but also thanks to the engagement of final users, in order to successfully identify and satisfy their needs. This paper presents the CEI Montegancedo Open IoT Smart Campus project, which has been conceived as a holistic solution to improve the quality of life and comfort of the campus staff, i.e. satisfying their different needs and demands. The project is divided in four different solutions: an outdoor smart lighting system, a greenhouse monitoring and control system, a building energy management system and a home smart system. Lessons learned during the project serve to illustrate how the interaction between final users and solution providers is essential to accomplish a successful implementation.


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This work has been partially sponsored by European Commission
Energy Efficiency - Internet of things
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November 2015