Green Labs

Funding Entity: 

Project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education Culture and Sports and the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness within the International Excellence Campus Program.

Start Date: 
Tuesday, 2 June 2015 to Monday, 1 August 2016
Electric consuption monitorization and control in research labs

Project aimed to reduce electric consuption of greenhouses and labs of the CBGP research center by consuption monitoring and alternate ligting technology provission and advanceced sensor and contro by BatNet technology.

GreenLabs is a project developed by the CeDInt under the CEI- UPM Campus Montegancedo initiative "Innovation in modernizing infrastructure R & D", with the collaboration of CBGP (Center for Plant Genomics and Biotechnology) of the UPM.

The project objective is to achieve power reductions of laboratories and greenhouses of the CBGP. To achieve this, the following actions, using the BatNet 6LoWPAN wireless devices developed at CeDInt, have been conducted:

  • Disaggregated consumption monitoring: the building power consumption is very high due to the use of specialized machinery in laboratories (growth chambers , chillers , etc.) and lighting and HVAC systems present in greenhouses modules. The first step to reduce consumption is to know the amount of energy consumption of each component. To that end, 70 BatMeters (panel board real time current and voltage measuring devices) have been installed to monitor the consumption of individual 178 power lines.


  • LED lighting for greenhouses: traditional lighting systems are based on sodium vapor lamps with high power consumption and high heat production. In a module, these lamps have been replaced by 25 LED luminaries that provide adjustable intensity level through BatDimmer devices.


  • Monitoring of environmental parameters: 8 BatSense devices have been installed for monitoring temperature, relative humidity and illumination, main variables that affect plant growth.


  • Management platform: a platform that communicates with the deployed devices, allowing the collection and storage of the monitored parameters (consumption and environmental) and lighting control, has been developed. The platform integrates an application for graphical representation of the parameters and can be programmed to autonomously manage the greenhouse lighting module depending on environmental conditions and required lighting levels.




Energy Efficiency - Internet of things