Data Consistency Management in an Open Smart Home Management Platform


In this paper, the authors introduce a novel mechanism for data management in a middleware for smart home control, where a relational database and semantic ontology storage are used at the same time in a Data Warehouse. An annotation system has been designed for instructing the storage format and location, registering new ontology concepts and most importantly, guaranteeing the Data Consistency between the two storage methods. For easing the data persistence process, the Data Access Object (DAO) pattern is applied and optimized to enhance the Data Consistency assurance. Finally, this novel mechanism provides an easy manner for the development of applications and their integration with BATMP. Finally, an application named “Parameter Monitoring Service” is given as an example for assessing the feasibility of the system

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IEEE-8th European Modelling Symposium on Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation Pisa, Italia.
ISBN 978-1-4799-7411-5
Energy Efficiency - Internet of things
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October 2014