A Novel, Self-Powered, Non-Intrusive, Sigfox-Enabled Smart Meter for Challenging Scenarios


In this work, a wireless autonomous power smartmetering device  is presented. This device is able to measurecurrent at mains  electrical lines, exploiting the magnetic fieldinducted around them  as energy harvesting. Therefore, it doesnot need  a dedicated power supply or battery replacement. The electromotive force inducted  shall be properly handled to makeit suitable to be  stored and retrieved from an energy storageelement. Since very  low power is harvested from the mainsmagnetic field, a  good treatment for the incoming power, as wellas a minimal power  consumption system are vital. In order tomake the system  autonomous, wirelesscommunicationreliability is a crucial factor. Sigfox  is the selected  technology as it offersalmost out-of-the-box  functioning and wide coverage.Proven results based  on a constant 15 minute metering periodobtaining infinite  lifetime are shown, providing an optimalsolution for challenging scenarios  such as rural areas or developing countries.

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IEEE. 2020 16th International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE)
ISBN:978-1-7281-6158-7 DOI: 10.1109/IE49459.2020.9154930
Energy Efficiency - Internet of things
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July 2020