15 edition of actúaUPM contest for new company creation.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

The 15 edition of actúaupm contest for new company creation is aimed at professors and researchers. ActúaUPM also welcomes anyone outside the UPM, who form a team with personnel belonging to the Technical University of Madrid, who accept the challenge of testing their business ideas.

The contest is structures in 3 phases: 

  • Phase 1: Prizes to the best Ideas (10.000 € in prizes)
  • Phase 2: Training for the selected ideas of phase 1
  • Phase 3: Prizes to the best resulting start-ups (33.000 € in prizes)

Send your idea before March 13th. !


Legal information about the registration:

Bases 15 Competición

Guía para la inscripción 

Formulario de pruebas off-line 

Formulario de inscripción (online)

Legal information about the contest: www.upm.es/actuaupm 

More Information: http://actuaupm.blogspot.com

Contact us:  creacion.empresas@upm.es

Start up from the University!

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