Proyecto Cráneo premiado por ComputerWorld

Monday, 3 October 2011

Craneo has been laureate by ComputerWorld in October 2011.

The project was developed through the cooperation of four entities: T-Systems, CeDInt, EML (School of Forensic Medicine) of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the Perio Clinic.  


Craneo Project seeks to automate and objectify the methodology of soft-tissue reconstruction processes through computer systems based on 3D Virtual and Augmented Reality. Covers the design and implementation of software solutions in the field of legal medicine and virtual surgery and is a response to the need to establish procedures for reconstruction of faces of individuals based on their skeletal remains, for applications in the medical field legal and forensic.   Starting from the digitization of a skull, the software can automatically generate a first reconstruction, totally objective, of the individual's face

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