Edgar Saavedra ha sido el ganador del "Premio REINTEL al Mejor Trabajo Fin de Máster en Redes de fibra óptica de alta capacidad".

Friday, 14 June 2019

Our researcher Edgar Saavedra Darriba has been the winner of the "REINTEL Award for the Best Final Project in High Capacity Fiber Optic Networks" with his work "Design, Prototyping and Validation of a Wireless, Self-Powered, Non-Intrusive Power Consumption Metering Device for Mains Electricity in Virtue of Inductive Energy Harvesting Techniques" belonging to the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

The TFM consists of the design, prototyping and validation of a self-powered device, without power wiring and without data wiring, to measure electricity consumption in low voltage alternating current lines, transmitting the data wirelessly through Sigfox to an ad-hoc server designed for the project.

Congratulations Edgar!

Tutor: Asunción Santamaría Galdón.

All detailed information and the other winners here.

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