Técnicas de OCDMA con Códigos Ópticos Aleatorios para redes de telecontrol/telemetría en entornos cerrados

Saturday, 5 June 2010

On 5th of July took place the PhD Thesis Defense of Enrique Poves: "OCDMA tecniques using Random Optical Codes in telemetry and control networks within closed environments" at CeDInt's Auditorium.

The Thesis has been co-directed by Francisco J. López and Asunción Santamaría. The Thesis Committee was composed by

  • D. Miguel Á. Muriel Fernández (UPM) (President)
  • D. Rafael Pérez Jiménez (ULPGC)
  • D. Héctor Guerrero Padrón (INTA)
  • D. Antonio Puerta Notario (UMA)
  • D. Ignacio Esquivias Moscardó (UPM) (Secretary)

An experimental validation of a wireless optical communication system within closed environments has been carried out throughout this work. OCDMA tecniques have been used in order to allow a high number of connections.

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