Modulation schemes effect on the driver efficiency and the global VLC transmitter energy consumption


Visible Light Communications (VLC) make the most of the fast switching times of LEDs to transmit information. High transmission rates have been achieved with different modulation schemes as CSK or OFDM. However, the main asset of LED lamps, which is energy efficiency, has been overlooked. In this paper we analye how the modulation schemes affect the energy efficiency of LED lamps. We compare the effect of switched waveform (OOK, VPPM) and continuous waveform (OFDM) modulation schemes. Switched waveform signals present energy efficiency results between 15% and 30% better than continuous waveform signals.

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10th International Symposium on Communication Systems, Networks and Digital Signal Processing. CSNDSP. Czech Republic
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July 2016
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Rafael Perez Jimenez