Multi-wavelength modelling for VLC indoor channels using Montecarlo simulation


In this paper we present a compact and efficient method for the calculation of the channel response over indoor wireless optical channel for multi-wavelength signals. It is based on the Modified Montecarlo Algorithm but allows not only processing composed signals as used in VLC transmission with white or RGB LED emitters, but also modeling reflections where wavelength components of the incoming signals are modified, as could be the case of phosphor materials or wavelength-dependent reflecting surfaces. It also allows modeling not only lambertian reflections but also non-lambertian, quasi-specular surface, as could be plastic or metallic furniture. The algorithm uses a wavelength transformation matrix that can be defined for each reflecting material, and even for each incidence angle.

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10th International Symposium on Communication Systems, Networks and Digital Signal Processing. CSNDSP. Prague, Czech Republic
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July 2016
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 A.M. Ramirez Aguilera;   J.M. Luna Rivera; V. Guerra J. Rabadan; R. Perez Jimenez.