Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences in mining and other fields.



CeDInt research areas (in this field):

  • Virtual and Augmented reality (VR / AR)
  • Information Visualisation and Visual Analytics
  • Smart Environments and Energy Efficiency
  • Security and Biometry
  • Optical Engineering


  • VR / AR today
  • VR / AR definitions
  • VR / AR facts
  • VR / AR fields of application
  • VR for domoticapplications
  • VR for outdoor sensor monitoring
  • VR for monitoring environments
  • VR for indoor environments
  • VR for training
  • VR for environmental response
  • VR for mining purposes
  • VirtualMine–VR and 3D apps
  • VR Lab Equipment


Publication type: 
Dissertation by Invitation
Published in: 
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Minas y Energía. Raw Materials University Day 2017. Madrid.
Publication date: 
November 2017
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