Investigadores del CEDINT asisten como tribunal a la defensa del proyecto "New Reality" en el IES Gerardo Diego.

Friday, 28 October 2022

On last 27 October, our researchers Franscisco Luque and Luca Piovano took part in the defense and evaluation of the research project entitled "New Reality", carried out by Gregorio Callejo Monterrubio and Lucía Yeste Blesa (tutor: Jesús Álvarez Herrera), students from I.E.S. Gerardo Diego. The work has been developed in the framework of the Institute's High School Diploma of Excellence and focused on the development of an interactive, virtual tour across some of the educational facilities present in this center. During the development stages, the students could count on the experience and support of the CEDINT researchers to both recreate the 3D models of the classrooms and develop an application for a Virtual Reality headset.
CEDINT and the IES Gerardo Diego collaborated in the context of the educational activities between the Institute and the research centers of the UPM Campus of International Excellence of Montegancedo, so as to get young students interested in advanced research topics and technologies belonging to the STEM fields.

Congratulations to Gregorio and Lucía for the great work presented!

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