Última semana para inscribirse en el UPM_innovatech 2T Challenge.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

We remind you that the registration deadline to participate in the 3rd Edition of the UPM innovatech challenge must be before next Tuesday 17 July in the UPM_innovatech 2T Challenge.

Participating researchers, individually or in teams, will be able to access highly valued services provided by UPM researchers from previous editions, such as training in technology marketing in a university environment, visibility, and support for dissemination and networking.

We encourage you to participate, as joining 2T, among its many advantages, will allow you to access:

  • Achieve recognition as one of the UfM technologies with the greatest innovative potential and access to awards worth 13,000 euros.
  • 42-hour technology marketing course, 100% free of charge, aimed at UPM researchers, which will focus on aspects such as technology sales, negotiation of agreements, communication, evaluation of potential or economic evaluation of technologies.
  • Individualized advice from professionals who are experts in the sector in which your technology is developed
  •  Possibility to analyze the business opportunity of your R&D result and define next steps in a commercial exploitation plan.
  •  Recognition as the UPM technology with the greatest innovative potential and impact on industry and society
  •  Recording of a promotional video for the three finalist technologies, which will allow researchers to easily disseminate the value of their technology (here you can see what the videos look like)
  •  Dissemination and impact of the participating technologies through the marketing channels managed by the Programme.
  •  Participation in the 6th UPM_innovatech Workshop, an essential event within the sector that brings together more than a hundred attendees each year, and in which the 3 best rated technologies will have the opportunity to participate as speakers presenting their technological project.

Bases and information at www.upm.es/innovatech or registration directly at https://www.upm.es/S2i/sols/innovatech-2018


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