Portátiles y ordendores

In the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Laboratory of CeDInt we have a wide range of computers and laptops for higher performance in 3D modeling and texturing tasks, creation of multimedia virtual spaces, programming and audiovisual content creation among other tasks. We also have several software licenses such as Adobe Suite, Substance, Autodesk...

- 4 HP OMEN 17-CB1003NS Intel Core i7-10750H/16GB/1TB SSD/RTX 2060/17.3"
- 1 HP OMEN 15-DC1001NS Intel Core i7-8750H/16GB/1TB+256GB SSD/RTX 2070/15.6"
- 1 WorkStation III Intel Core i7-9700K/32GB/2TB+500GB SSD/RTX2060S