Technologies for the Hotel of the Future

Application of new technologies to the hotels of the future, to make them more comfortable for customers and offer new services and ways of interaction.



THOFU (Technologies for the Hotel of the Future) started as a great collaborative and multidisciplinary R&D project on new tourism concepts. Specifically, it focused on how the solutions based on Virtual and Augmented Reality will guide the technological research and development of new ideas about the hotel environment to enable a wider offer of advanced, different and exclusive services.

The main idea is to apply these new technologies to the hotels of the future, so that they will be more comfortable for customers and will offer at the same time new services to enjoy them.



Figure 1. A graphical representation of how it may be the customer experience in the future hotels by means of new technological services based on Virtual and Augmented Reality




The main objectives of the Virtual Reality group of CeDInt in this project are related to 3D visualization and innovative user interaction techniques, using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Some of the outcomes developed during the project are presented below.



Figure 2. Some screenshots of an AR application for route planning in a typical hotel environment. From left to right: Selection of an area / point of interest; Superimposition of the 3D plans of an hotel floor; and, displaying route information to user: an arrow shows the walking direction while the planned route to reach the final destination is shown on the plan.


Video 1. The AR asset for route planning in action. The route information is displayed on the mobile device screen via Augmented Reality. The application guides the user through the hotel, from his / her position to some places of interest. It could also provide evacuation routes in the case of an emergency.


Video 2. An AR game using a restaurant table as background set. This is an example of how it is possible to interact with the typical furniture present in the hotel to provide some recreational services.