VirtualMine - as a modeling tool for Wider Society Learning

The main goal of the project VirtualMine is to increase the awareness among local community about the importance of raw materials and its possible use for better development of the European regions. Furthermore, the project is to popularize mining among the general public, especially children and students who start to develop their path career, as well as to show the importance of the minerals in our modern world. The main stress should be put on creating conditions to convey knowledge on raw material as key to the development of the circular knowledge-based economy in the most effective way. The results of the project will be easily implemented in different locations across Europe.

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The scope is to prepare the 3D visualization of the copper mining exploration process with the view of the copper value chain and awareness of the benefits of closing material loops. Copper is taken as the model, which could be replaced with other metals. The project implementation plan is divided into three parts:

  1. “demo” (3D film) teleportation to virtual world
  2. exhibition (display with real exhibits using multimedia with applications)
  3. workshops (classes in the laboratory for target audience: groups of pupils – primary school, secondary group 7-12-16 and 19-24 students of universities)


Entities which are involved in the project represent six European countries. The following factors were taken into account when choosing the consortium partners:

  1. competences and knowledge in the field of education, mining, entrepreneurship
  2. possibilities to implement the results of the project in its country
  3. possibilities to maintain project sustainability