El CeDint desarrolla ReVirTool, una aplicación de Realidad Virtual para dar soporte al tratamiento de pacientes con desórdenes por uso del alcohol.

Friday, 5 October 2018

CeDint UPM in collaboration with the Universidad Camilo José Cela and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid within the framework of the ReVirTool project, has developed a Virtual Reality application to support the treatment of patients with alcohol use disorders.

The processes of executive function, in particular behavioural inhibition and emotional regulation, constitute an element of special relevance in the relapses of patients with alcohol dependence. Therefore, intervention techniques should include within relapse prevention, specific strategies to enhance these processes. One of the current techniques to improve the behavioral control of these patients is the task of approximation-avoidance of alcohol, proposed by the Wiers group. This procedure could be more efficient if patients were exposed to a series of stimuli conditioned to alcohol (stimulus update) by means of new technologies such as virtual reality before carrying out the training in this task. This task of updating opens a temporary period immediately after that allows a better reconsolidation of the mnésica footprint. If during this period a training in avoidance is carried out, it could produce a change in the over-learning behaviour generated by alcohol-related stimuli (extinction).

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