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CeDInt-UPM on "Tres14" of TVE (Spanish Television).

Sun, 30/01/2011
Body: translated: Last January 30, TVE2 (Spanish Television) broadcast the TV program "Aprendizaje" ("Learning"), in which the learning process of the future was discussed. During the program, several techniques and tools in order to ease and improve learning skills in children were discussed, such as new...

III ComunicacionesHoy Award

Mon, 15/11/2010
Body: translated: CeDInt has been awarded with the III ComunicacionesHoy Award of GrupoTPI. This award recognizes the best ICT products, solutions and projects carried out during the year, as well as innovative projects developed by banking, civil service and health companies. CeDInt presented the...

Dissertation of final project: “Study and implementation of image segmentation methods aplied to iris and hand geometry biometrics"

Thu, 24/06/2010
Body: translated: El pasado 24 de junio tuvo lugar la defensa del Proyecto Fin de Carrera de Ángel García-Casarrubios Muñoz, con título: “Estudio e implementación de métodos de segmentación de imágenes aplicados a técnicas biométricas basadas en iris y geometría de mano”. En dicho proyecto, se aborda la...

Students of IE Business School visited CeDInt

Tue, 15/06/2010
Body: translated: Last June, 15th students of  “Master in Telecom and Digital Business” of IE Business School visited CeDInt, leaded by Claudio Feijoo. El “IE Business School” es una de las principales escuelas de negocios del mundo. Dispone de un campus urbano en Madrid y cuenta con un claustro de más de...

OCDMA tecniques using Random Optical Codes in telemetry and control networks within closed environments

Sat, 05/06/2010
Body: translated: On 5th of July took place the PhD Thesis Defense of Enrique Poves: "OCDMA tecniques using Random Optical Codes in telemetry and control networks within closed environments" at CeDInt's Auditorium. The Thesis has been co-directed by Francisco J. López and Asunción Santamaría. The Thesis...

IV Treelogic Award

Thu, 13/05/2010
Body: translated: On May 13th of 2010, Mr. Antonio Cuevas was awarded with the first prize of Treelogic Awards to Innovative Spirit. The Treelogic Awards recognize innovative solutions based on ICTs.Mr Cuevas presented the project "Eficient, Safe and Intelligent Energy Distribution". For further information, please...
La Salle

CeDInt takes part in e-Skills week 2010 European Campaign

Tue, 02/03/2010
Body: translated: "La Salle Maravillas" school of Madrid visited CeDInt within the e-Skills campaign. A total amount of 20 countries take part in the e-Skills week European Initiative with the purpose of boosting the competitiveness and the innovation of Europe. AETIC represents Spain in the event...
Prof Miñano Conrady Award

J.C Miñano honored with A.E. Conrady Award 25 February 2010

Thu, 25/02/2010
Body: translated: Juan Carlos Miñano, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid. Spain, is the 2010 recipient of the A.E. Conrady Award in recognition of his exceptional contributions in developing new design methods and devices in Nonimaging Optics. "His most impressive contributions for me have been in...

CeDInt, Scientific Partner of KNX holds the Workshop: KNX As Business Generator.

Thu, 26/11/2009
Body: translated: On November 26th took place at the Auditorium of CeDInt (Scientific Partner of KNX) the KNX Workshop: KNX As Business Generator. During the sessions, the most interesting KNX business areas were analyzed.
Fran Luque

III Treelogic Award

Tue, 21/04/2009
Body: translated: On April 21th of 2009, Mr. Francisco Luque was awarded with the second prize of Treelogic Awards to Innovative Spirit. Mr. Luque presented the project DVD carried out at CeDInt-UPM in cooperation with T-Systems and eNEO. For further information, please visit the Treelogic Awards website.